Wheeling and Dealing: Las Vegas' Top 20 Highest Volume Law Firms

Las Vegas Top Law Firms

At the risk of making a corny joke, selecting legal representation is a gamble. You make your best guess based on the information available to you, and whatever skill or experience you may have at ‘playing the game,’ and then you roll the dice. Miami-based artificial intelligence firm Premonition Analytics aims to change this by providing the kind of technological assist to clients that might get your knees broken if you tried it in a Vegas casino.

The company possesses what it claims to be the world’s largest litigation database, which normalizes case records from over 3,000 courts in the United States alone, as well as a sophisticated proprietary AI which can ‘read’ and analyze over 50,000 records per second. The result is a program that, in its most basic application, can provide hard answers to the notoriously murky question of how attorneys and firms actually perform in court. 

As a sample of the data-capture their technology makes possible, Premonition has recently begun issuing public surveys on the volume (or ‘busyness’) of litigators within various jurisdictions across the United States. Below is the company’s listing of the busiest law firms by caseload in Clark County, Nevada (which includes the city of Las Vegas) for 2015-16:

Las Vegas and Clark County Busiest Law Firms

Dempsey, Roberts & Smith, Ltd.

Allen & Murphy, PA

Jason Awad & Associates

Anderson & Gruenwald

De Castroverde Law Group

Kaempfer Crowell Renshaw Gronauer & Fiorentino

Levinson Arshonsky & Kurtz, LLP

Thorndal Armstrong Delk Balkenbush & Eisinger

Law Office of Glynn Burroughs Cartledge

Law Office of David Benavidez

Morris Anderson Law

Lambrose Brown, PLLC

Jack Bernstein & Associates

Blatnik Law, LLC

Michael & Associates, PC

Gallian Welker & Beckstrom, LC

Jeffrey Glaser Fihn Attorney at Law

Moran Brandon Bendavid Moran

Although for reasons of confidentiality (not to mention the litigiousness of law firms) Premonition has elected not to publicly disclose its full statistics for each firm (which include average case duration, winning percentage and settlement totals), the top 20 still provides useful insight into which firms are taking on the most cases in the region. Unlike some of the other locations Premonition has surveyed, the company claims that average case duration among Las Vegas’ busiest firms is relatively homogeneous, with most firms taking in the mid-60 to low-70 day range to close their cases. The best performer in the top 20 by win percentage is Gallian Welker & Beckstrom, a larger general services firm with offices in Utah and Nevada and a practice area expanding into California and Arizona. The ‘fastest’ attorney in the top 20 was Jeffrey Glaser Fihn, a general practitioner who also litigates in Indiana.

Every city, state and county has its own legal ecosystem,” says Premonition CEO & Co-Founder Guy Kurlandski. “Certain animals get along, and certain animals don’t. What our data is proving is that seemingly nebulous factors, like the relationship between a given lawyer and a judge, can be quantified statistically. Having that information makes choosing your representation less of a gamble than a calculation.

Choice of counsel affects 30.7% of the average case outcome,” adds Premonition Business Development Director Nathan Huber. “Analytics allows companies to deploy their litigation resources most effectively, putting the right lawyer in front of the right judge. It’s the opportunity to turn a 50/50 litigation portfolio into an 80/20.”

Most would take those odds.


Nathan Huber
Premonition L.L.C.
Business Development Director
(615) 364-0924

Source: Premonition