VIGIL: Real-Time Court Monitoring Finally Arrives


Premonition leverages its litigation database and expands its legal analytics platform with a unique ability.

It’s a common staple of every television police drama - the bad guy’s name is typed into a computer and his entire court history appears. Unfortunately, the only place this ever happened was on TV. America’s Court information systems are hopelessly antiquated and even the Government is unable to search across its own courts. Premonition leverages its litigation database and expands its legal analytics platform with a unique ability.

Premonition, the Miami-based Artificial Intelligence company, introduces VIGIL, its cutting-edge case alert system that leverages Premonition’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities and its unmatched court coverage. Premonition’s litigation database is larger than LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters, and Bloomberg combined. VIGIL uses real-time court monitoring to update users with the latest court data, as recent as within the last hour. VIGIL can read 50,000 documents in under a second, providing a vast amount of information to choose from and analyze instantaneously.

Premonition uses Big Data mining and the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of VIGIL to bring transparency and new insights into the courtroom. “It’s getting harder and harder to sell the time of mediocre litigators who hide beneath the umbrella of a prestigious Law Firm brand,” says Premontion CEO, Guy Kurlandski, “Transparency is coming."

VIGIL allows users to set specific filters to match their queries, as well as view historical data. Users can also set specific filters to receive data for a certain date range in the future. They will be notified if and when their inquiries are matched.

“A human simply can’t handle reviewing the 41,000 civil cases that are filed in America each day. Humans get lazy, tired, and inattentive,” says CIO and inventor, Toby Unwin. VIGIL searches through these cases instantly and users have the option of receiving updates as often as every hour.

Through court monitoring and trend analysis, VIGIL enables insurance companies to forecast potential loss amounts and litigation volume. The system keeps law firms up to date on litigation trends and improves research efficiency and effectiveness by having the capability to import results into CRM systems for structured settlement. VIGIL saves human time and allows businesses to develop rapidly.

“Premonition is a perception/reality arbitrage business. Law happens to be a business where there are huge gaps between what people believe to be good and what actually is. It’s a $400B market where we are the only player to know the value of the goods. We see huge opportunities in arbitraging this knowledge,“ says Unwin.

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