Groundbreaking Legal Analytics Company Premonition Reveal Indiana's Busiest Law Firms

According to the Indy Star, in 2011-12 over 310,000 cases proceeded through Indiana's courts that "involved at least one party without an attorney." One man, Gersh Zavodnik, has represented himself in hundreds of lawsuits since 2008, and surely there are other "frequent filers" among the 310,000. That said, the very fact that Mr. Zavodnik did not make artificial intelligence company Premonition Analytics' new survey of Indiana's busiest firms and attorneys suggests there is no shortage of gainfully employed (actual) lawyers in the Hoosier State:

Indiana's Busiest Law Firms
Statham Allega and Jessen, LLP
Cohen & Malad, LLP
Lloyd & McDanial PLC
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Manley Deas Kochalski, LLC
Goodin Abernathy, LLP
Williams & Connolly, LLP
Adinamis & Saunders, PC
Benson, Pantello, Morris, James & Logan
Sanders & Pianowski
William R Richards PC
Feiwell & Hannoy, PC
Christopher Jansen Law, LLC
Barkes, Kolbus, Rife & Shuler, LLP
Yoder, Ainlay, Ulmer & Buckingham
Leone Halpin, LLP
Butler & Sellers, PC

The list was generated by Premonition's AI tool from a survey of Indiana court records in the company's legal database, which it claims to be the world's largest. The rankings were based upon the number of individual cases each firm brought to court; of course, a comparison between top-ranked firm Statham Allega and Jessen, which specializes in quick-turnover cases like personal injury and malpractice, and a large firm like Faegre Baker Daniels with diverse specialties and an international practice, is hardly apples to apples. The company claims this survey is just a taste of the transparency its technology can bring to the legal sector.

"Premonition clients are able to generate performance data for individual attorneys and firms," says Premonition CEO and Co-Founder Guy Kurlandski. "Information we internally regard as basic, like a firm's average case duration, settlement amounts and how often they actually win their cases has never been available before. Once clients realize that's the barest fraction of the analysis they can pull from the database, you can see their minds start racing."

Nathan A. Huber, Director of Business Development for Premonition, worked in corporate law for years before joining the Miami-based software firm. "The first thing I was struck by in big law was the lack of innovation in the industry, as well as a constant demand by clients for more transparency," he says. "I really started to understand that we were lacking, severely, in providing clients what they were demanding the most. When I came across Premonition through some of my research, I immediately understood—this is going to change everything."


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Source: Premonition