An Insider Look At Litigation


Big data and artificial intelligence uncover interesting relationships between Lawyers, Law firms and their success in the courtroom.

Courts are strange places. Not only do Cases make for fascinating drama, so do the relationships between Lawyers and the Judges they appear in front of. There is an old adage that “A good Attorney knows the law, but a great one knows the Judge.” Finally Big Data has made its way into the Courtroom and the results are startling. Florida based startup, Premonition LLC ( set its Artificial intelligence system to gather and analyze the World’s biggest database of legal Cases. They found that Judge’s “pets” are the norm, not the exception. Many “top” Lawyers were nowhere near as good as their reputations and isolated pockets of “strip mall superstars” won every case. When you have over 15 Million Civil Cases to look at each year, some surprising “open secrets” made themselves known. The firm put together an infographic of some of their favorites. It’s an interesting look at Law’s hidden relationships. 

"A good Attorney knows the law, but a great one knows the Judge."

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